Meet The Team

Meet our Team!
Some of the brightest MMJ professionals
in the industry!

We are highly educated and passionate about everything cannabis related. No matter what you are looking for in your medicine, we will help you attain the results you need and the satisfaction you deserve. Our team’s unique conglomeration of skills and knowledge allow for the best possible customer service while supplying a humble at-home feeling.

Come speak with one of our MMJ representatives today about any discomfort you may be experiencing so that we can see what this modern marvel of medicine can do for you!




Camille is daughter to the owners of Quality Choice Dispensaries. Initially she started off as a budtender and filled in where she was needed. She became the company's official Marketing Director in October of 2016 and has now taken on the responsibility of running their newest storefront on Academy Blvd. Her love for the cannabis plant began shortly after graduating high school. Once she began learning of its incredible healing power and overall beauty, there was no doubt in her mind that she wanted to be a part of the cannabis industry and know all she could about the miraculous plant.




Rebecca, being the eager, Minnesota girl she is, picked up and moved to Colorado Springs in early 2016 to live out her passion in healing people through cannabis. Right away she began her journey working with the miracle plant and is now our original location's Store Manager on Boulder Street! She is the friendliest person you'll ever encounter and loves to spend her free time letting her creative juices flow through drawing, painting, and writing. She is also learning sign language and hopes to become fluent one day. Smoking a blunt filled with something super cheesy or a nice diesel strain while cuddling up with her two cats is one of her favorite things to do. Next to smoking blunts, she prefers taking dabs and really knows a lot about them!




Kayla has been an employee of Quality Choice since the Grand Opening of our newest location in November 2017. Back home in Ohio, Kayla started out with a career in EMS. She saw first hand what prescription medications were doing to people and decided she wanted to support a community that has a more natural approach to certain medical ailments. Kayla began her cannabis industry experience in a recreational store as a budtender for the first year, but has now found her home as a member of the Quality Crew. She was recently promoted to the Assistant Manager of our North Academy location here in Colorado Springs. Kayla really appreciates the outdoor lifestyle she has adopted since moving to Colorado and so do her dogs! 




Chris was born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO. His knowledge and experience in the cannabis industry extends back to 2009, when he began his journey here at Quality Choice. Starting off as grow support, Chris quickly attained new skills and proved he could be an asset behind the counter as well. After budtending for some time, Chris has now grown into his current position as wholesale manager. He truly loves working in this industry and helping individuals achieve maximum relief.