All of our strains are selected for their quality over their yield. We are constantly planting seeds in search of the best phenotypes available from the most highly sought after genetics. From seed, our plants are loved and cared for wholesomely. We use high end growing products and pay close attention to every aspect of the process to ensure that our cannabis is free of pests, chemicals, mildew and all other harmful components. All of our buds are carefully trimmed and handled through the entire curing, testing, and shelving process. It is our belief that all medicine should be grown to a top shelf standard, so you won't find anything less than quality here!

Purple Stardawg

Purple Afghan x Stardawg


70/30 Indica Dominant


Pain Relief, Muscle Spasms, Sparks Creativity, Appetite Stimulant, Stress Relief, Fights Inflammation, Aids w/PTSD, Migraines, and Depression

Lemon Meringue

70/30 Sativa Dominant


Lemon Skunk x Cookies & Cream


Euphoric, Sparks Creativity, Uplifting, Aids in Depression, Helps w/Migraines, Stress Relief, Fatigue, Mild Pain Relief, Mood Enhancer

Strawberry Fields

70/30 Indica Dominant


Strawberry Cough x an Undisclosed Indica Phenotype

Appetite Stimulant, Pain Relief, Stress Relief, Depression, Insomnia,


Golden Goat

75/25 Sativa Dominant


Hawaiian x Romulan x Island Sweet Skunk


Sparks Creativity, Stress Relief, Nausea, Depression, Pain Relief, Eye
Pressure, Headaches, Mood Enhancer

Zkittlez OZ Kush

75/25 Indica Dominant Hybrid

Grape Ape x Grapefruit x an undisclosed strain

Helps with focusing, Aids in depression, Relaxes the body, Appetite Stimulant, Uplifting

Mr. Durbz #4

80/20 Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Fireball OG x Durban Poison

Promotes creativity, Energetic, Motivating, Uplifting, Helps with focusing, Aids in depression, Sparks productivity

Cookies & Cream

60/40 Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Starfighter x an undisclosed GSC Phenotype

Motivating, PTSD, Aids in depression, Insomnia, Fatigue, Stress relief, Euphoric, Muscle spasms, Promotes creativity

Cherry Cream Pie

60/40 Indica Dominant Hybrid

Cherry Pie x Cookies & Cream

Appetite Stimulant, Migraines, Muscle spasms, Aids  in depression, Relaxing, Relieves stress, Sedative

Golden Strawberry #7

70/30 Indica Dominant Hybrid

 Kosher OG x Strawberry Banana


Helps with chronic pain, Anxiety, PTSD, Insomnia, Stress Relief, Muscle spasms, Appetite Stimulant

Bay 11

80/20 Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Appalachia (Green Crack x Tres Dawg) x Grand Daddy Purp

Mild Pain, Muscle Tension, Appetite Stimulant, ADHD, Creativity, Depression

Jet Fuel

90/10 Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Aspen OG (s) x High Country Diesel

Motivation, Creativity, Mild Pain, Mild Nausea, Depression, Stress

Buddha’s Sister

80/20 Indica Dominant Hybrid

Reclining Buddha x Afghani Land Race

Insomnia, Chronic Pain, Muscle Tension, Appetite Stimulant, Anxiety/Stress, Chemo Relief

Sour Diesel

80/20 Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Chem Dawg ’91 x Super Skunk/Northern Lights

Depression, Stress, ADD, Anxiety, Focus, Motivation, Creativity, Mild Pain, and Muscle Tension

Girl Scout Cookies

80/20 Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Durban Poison x OG Kush

Motivation, Creativity, Mild Pain, Mild Nausea, Muscle Tension, Stress, and Depression

Star Dawg White

75/25 Indica Dominant Hybrid

The White(Triangle) x Star Dawg

PTSD, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, Muscle Tension & Spasms, Chemo Relief, Insomina

Durban Poison

100% Sativa

Land Race

Motivation, Creativity, Appetite Suppressant, ADD, Depression, PTSD, and Focus


60/40 Indica Hybrid

Sour Diesel x OG Kush

Anxiety, Stree, Restlessness, Depressiom, Minor Aches and Pains, Insomnia, PTSD, Appetite, Stimulant, Muscle Tension

Blueberry Headband

75/25 Indica Dominant Hybrid

Blueberry x Emerald OG x Pre-98 Bubba Kush

Stress, Depression, Pain, fatigue, Headaches, Chronic Migraines, Appetite Stimulant, Euphoric, Uplifting

Star Dawg

90/10 Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Chem4 x Tres Dawg

Depression, ADD, Stress, Fatigue, PTSD, Motivation, and Focus