Meet The Team

Meet our Team!

Some of the brightest MMJ professionals
in the industry!

We are highly educated and passionate about everything cannabis related. No matter what you are looking for in your medicine, we will help you attain the results you need and the satisfaction you deserve. Our team’s unique conglomeration of skills and knowledge allow for the best possible customer service while supplying a humble at-home feeling.

Come speak with one of our MMJ representatives today about any discomfort you may be experiencing so that we can see what this modern marvel of medicine can do for you!


Marketing & Events

Camille was born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO. She makes up one fourth of the family that owns and operates Quality Choice Dispensaries.Camille would help out off and on in the store's early years, but it wasn't until 2015 that she started working for the family full-time! Covering budtending shifts and filling in where she was needed is what helped her grow immensely and frankly what sparked her interest in the industry. While she was a regular recreational user of cannabis at the time, Camille was unaware of the extent of medical benefits this plant could offer to those in need. She had found a passion in what she was doing. Camille became the company's official Marketing & Events Manager in October of 2016. She loves what she does and has big plans for Quality Choice!


Assistant Manager

Dylan, a Colorado native, joined the Quality Choice fam at the end of 2018.

After developing a passion for cannabis, while witnessing first-hand the

plant's healing attributes during trying times within his family; he

decided to begin his journey within the industry. In his short time at

Quality Choice, Dylan has broadened and sharpened his knowledge of cannabis  in general and been able to really zero in on all it has to offer. He has  become a driven, caring, and dedicated team member, making him great Assistant Manager at QC! Dylan enjoys his days off with his dogs or 

spending time in the kitchen perfecting his edible recipes. Homemade edible  infusions are his specialty, but he also rolls a pretty mean joint!